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Wine-tasting with Idealwine at GrandTasting 2013

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An unforgettable moment tasting several bottles of Centenaires 2010 and Centenaires 1998!!

Our partner, IdealWine, invited many wine connoisseurs and it was great talking with them about the differences between these two vintages.

The 2010, more powerful and with an almost immediate expression, easily won-over connoisseurs with its silky tannins and impressive lingering finish. The 1998 with its preserved fruity and tannin qualities, boasted an additional spirit so characteristic of great wines, resulting from a long cellar ageing: aromas of chocolate and spices reveal themselves as the wine slowly develops. It’s easily conceivable to think that more ageing would make it even more complex and delicious to taste. 
In fact, it’s interesting to notice that these two vintages had relatively similar weather conditions, so the descriptions of the 98 bottle should also apply to the 2010 bottle ... in around fifteen years!

Happy tasting for those of you lucky enough to have some in your cellar!


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Published : 2013-12-23

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