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  • Rich and elegant wines which are delicious when young, but for those with patience ... Their full potential will be revealed over time...

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  • Wines grouping all the Rhône wine qualities - aromatic abundance, powerful fruit, roundness, structure - and which will be the perfect accomplice for your evenings with friends.

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  • Fresh and accessible wines which boast all the quality of Grenache: pleasant wines to be enjoyed young!

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  • The 4 Seasons in Wine-Making

    The 4 Seasons in Wine-Making


    It’s pruning time!
    The wines are in the cellar, with whites developing on their lees and the reds slowly maturing.



    The vineyard springs to life!
    At the end of March, the buds and first leaves begin to appear. The Syrah vines are tied up for a specific growth-orientation and to protect young vine branches from the Mistral (a strong, cold and usually dry regional wind).



    The grapes grow and ripen.
    June is when everything starts to bloom and at the beginning of August it’s the veraison: the grape turns from green to its final colour. It’s possible to get an initial idea for the harvest quality.
    Shipping stops.


    Harvest time.
    All the long hours and hard work put in throughout the season will finally reveal the fruit of its efforts: harvesting a top-quality grape to produce distinguished and delicious wines.

  • Grape Varieties

    Grape Varieties

    Red Grape Varieties

    Grenache Noir:
    distinctive grape variety of southern-France Côtes du Rhône. It’s liked for its roundness and fruity aromas.

    Mourvèdre: this grape variety adapts perfectly to dry and sunny climates. Known for its tannin quality and structure, its aromatic richness and ageing ability.

    Syrah: Syrah is characterized by a high tannin structure, a deep purple colour and aromas of red and black fruits (raspberry, blackcurrant) and pepper.

    White Grape Varieties

    its name comes from the ginger colour grapes adopt when they are ripe. A variety known for its subtlety and elegance.

    Marsanne: vigorous and full-bodied grape variety which adds viscosity to the wine. 

  • Working in the Vineyard

    Working in the Vineyard

    In the vineyard


    Sustainable agriculture working methods: no pesticides or herbicides.

    Ploughing the soil to stimulate microbial life and oxygenation.

    Use ground-covering to stimulate ground life and diminish the yield.

    Bunch thinning to enhance grape quality.




    Harvest end of August for the whites and between mid-september to beginning of October for the reds.

    Exclusively manual on Châteauneuf du Pape.

    Berries picked at perfect maturity but not over riped as we want to harvest perfectly balanced berries.

  • Vinification


    Red Grapes

    20 to 40% in full harvest.

    Fermentation for 2 to 3 weeks between 25 and 30°C.

    Pumping over and rack and return to gently extract colours and tannins.

    Maceration to extract fatty acids which give wine its roundness.


    White grapes

    Harvested solely in the morning to get fresh grapes.

    Crushing and gentle pressing.

    Natural decanting of must for 24 hours at 12°.

    Regular fermentation for between 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Press Review

    Press Review

    In France


    The Guide “Revue des Vins de France 2014”:

    "André Brunel is part of the elite belonging to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation. He makes high-quality wines where minerality and refinement are considerable virtues. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a calm fortitude, with finesse and overtones."



    JEB DUNNUCK Top 100 Wines of 2021


    16th best wine in the world

    "The 2019 Châteauneuf-du-Pape is flat-out brilliant, and readers looking for an incredible wine that will drink well for upwards of two decades should back up the truck on this one."

  • They chose us

    They chose us

    In Paris

    Le Plaza Athénée :

    Le Jules Verne :

    Lasserre :

    Aux Lyonnais :

    Restaurant Allard :

    Around the Domaine

    Beaugravière (Mondragon) :

    Les Bories (Gordes) :

    Christian Etienne (Avignon) :

    L’Essentiel (Avignon) :

    Hostellerie Jérôme (La Turbie – 06) :

  • Key Figures

    Key Figures

    20 hectares

    It’s the area surface area used to make AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape: 45,000 bottles produced (40,000 in red wines and 5,000 in whites).

    Vines which are all about 60 years old.


    40 hectares

    This is the surface area used to make our AOC Côtes du Rhône: 100,000 bottles produced (Cuvée Est Ouest and Sommelongue in red wines, and Bécassonne in white).

    Vines which are all about 40 years old.

    30 hectares

    This is the surface area used to make IGP Vaucluse Vins de Pays: 100,000 bottles produced (Vins de Pays Grenache).

    Vines which are all over 35 years old.

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