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The harvest 2019 is now finished !

The harvest 2019 is now finished !

The record is truly positive : quality of the grapes is impeccable and after the small volumes of 2017 and 2018, the quantity of 2019 is pretty good.
So we are more than happy ;-)

Now it’s time for the vinification work :

  • Must pressing, winding and shedding to extract aromas, color and tanins
  • Must density control to ensure that the alcoolic fermentation of the wines are finished before they rest for the winter season
  • Offloading of the must to obtain the best press juice. It’s an operation usually made by the trainees ;-). As shown on the picture ;-)

Décuvage des moûts par la stagiaire.

Once these operations finished, the wines will be « cleaned » and will rest during winter season.
We will then wait for the spring and the rise of the temperatures for the malolactic fermentation to start.

Published : 2019-10-24

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