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Vertical tasting of the Centenaire Cuvée in Denmark

Vertical tasting of the Centenaire Cuvée in Denmark

As for my trip to Denmark, I was lucky enough to lead a guided vertical tasting session of the Centenary cuvée along with some experienced connoisseurs.

In fact it was a great opportunity for me to taste old wines years going back to 1998 or 1990 which my father has jealously kept locked away up until now. 


  • Centenary 2010: powerful vintage year, incredibly fine tannins, fantastic finish. Still maybe a bit young. Will be ready to drink in about … 20 years.
  • Centenary 2007: a slightly less sunny vintage year than the previous one which makes for a wine which can be enjoyed early. Boasts the same qualities as the 2010 but with an additional freshness. Should reach its prime in about ten years. 
  • Centenary 2003: maybe one of the warmest and driest vintages known at Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The 2003 is characterized by a brick-red colour and by very distinct raisin aromas. All this Centenary’s qualities are well presented, smoothed out after 10 years of ageing. The 2003 is a wine which is ready to drink.
  • Centenaries 1998 and 1990: Extraordinary!!! An incredible aroma: the fragrance of red fruits is still very present even after 15 years of ageing. The tannins are rich and totally harmonious, giving a very silky side to these two wines. Their drinking pleasure increases slowly as the wine opens up and breathes. With relatively similar climatic conditions, the happy owners of Centenary 2010 should see the same evolution in about fifteen years. That being – of course – if they can manage to wait that long!

When I think that I had to travel to Denmark in -10°C weather to taste these wines … but it was really very much worthwhile.

Published : 2014-02-05

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