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The bottling process

The bottling process

Where you understand what it’s like working on a production line

Bottling isn’t a difficult exercise in itself. Its success depends on two major aspects: irreproachable hygiene and good initial management of the dry matter: (cardboard, cork, label, cap, etc …).

For the hygiene aspect, steam sterilization is used (thus avoiding chemical products) for about 1 hour before setting the machine in motion. All the pipes, filters, spouts … are therefore sterilized before filling the bottles. This guarantees total safety for each bottle leaving our bottling machine.

Once the sterilization is finished (this means when Julien arrives at 6am to start working at 8am), the show begins. The greatest difficulty consists of making sure there is no machine shut-down during the production stage: Greg at the empty bottles monitors the level of corks and caps, Marie at the packaging (filling the boxes) checks there are enough labels and back labels), and then Julien who, while keeping a close eye on the production, also ensures that everyone has what they need: boxes, dividers, cartons, pallet, sealing film, etc …

Then you just need to keep up with this rhythm for the whole 8 hours of production (if everything runs smoothly...)

Published : 2013-09-05

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