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Which wine to offer to a connoisseur ?

Offer a bottle of wine

Offering a wine is often a brainteaser, but a good wine remains a must when we want to please a connoisseur or a wine lover. Nevertheless, how to choose without making a mistake? What are the occasions to offer a good wine? Should we favor some regions or some vintages? Who can best advise us? With André Brunel estate we take stock of the question.

For which spécial events do we offer a bottle of wine ? 

Think about opportunities to make a gift: the choice of the bottle will dépend on this opportunity.

Indeed, if you want to offer a good bottle to an amateur for a meal that you will share, it is necessary to know which dishes will go with it (fish, o barbecue cheese)?

The choice must respect the food & wine pairing. But if you hesitate a white wine or a sparkling one will always be appreciated for the aperitif or the dessert. On the contrary, if you want to offer a bottle of wine to age for a birthday or an important event, you can opt for good red wines ( such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape ) from André Brunel estate, in particular the Cailloux cuvée which gets even better with age.

The budget

It’s always an important question and a significant factor. Set yourself a budget before going to buy the bottle: if we can find decent bottles for a meal at lowprices, a bottle of a good ageing wine will be compensated by the tasting pleasure a solution: If you particularly like a wine that you want to share is to go directly to the estate and buy one or more cases from the winemaker which will often be cheaper than in a store.

Who can advise us ?

The wine merchants are specialists who will offer?

Several choices are available one solution is to offer a box of several different wines to enjoy a more complete tasting. In any case, some appellations and some cuvées will be greatly appreciated by all.

  • The Bordeaux wines: french terroir a classic vintage from the world wine well. Know, a red Bordeaux will always hit the mark , and will delight lovers of complex and powerful wines. 
  • The Burgundy wines: the Burgundy wines will be perfect to match with a dish in sauce, particularly beef or game. 
  • The Rhône wines: although they are all different , amateurs of softer and more subtle red wines will be delighted to match vegetarian or mediterranean dishes with southern Rhône wines.
  • The Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines: for a special celebration such as a professional promotion, a farewell party in a company a birthday , you can choose top of the range wines such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape a powerful and subtle wine that is world wide well-know for its so particular aromas.
  • The Champagne wines: they are wines you can count on for events such as a wedding, a birth etc. Appreciated by most people it can be easily preserved. If your budget is more limited choose a sparkling « tête de cuvée » for example.
  • The white wines: for those who like wines, you have the choice among different wines: from classic but efficient Touraine sauvignon to Pouilly fumé the range of white wines you can offer is very wide.

Published : 2022-12-20

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