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Our Harvest 2021 like you were here !


A look back at our 2021 harvest. A promising year ahead! The April frost did not finally take over our grapes, the quality of the 2021 vintage is indeed at the rendezvous with ripe berries, providing a fair balance between concentration and acidity.

Discover the other side of the scene and the secrets of the Domaine André Brunel :

At sunrise, the grape harvest of roussannes, syrahs and grenaches begins between the plains and coasts that surround the Estate and make its richness.

From the harvesting of berries on our various plots made up of rolled pebbles, gravelly or sandy soils, to the fruit of our work. Going through the different stages of the design process (pressing, fermentation, unpacking, etc.).

The heterogeneity of the soils of the estate allows us to create wines that are identity and rich in complexity while remaining elegant and of great finesse. 

All that remains is to savour with pleasure the fruit of this beautiful work!

The immense care we take in the elaboration of our wines will be appreciated as they age, from which will emanate an explosion of unique aromas and perfumes.  


Subtle wines, which we hope will please you!


Harvest 2021

Published : 2021-11-02

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