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Does the white wine keep you awake ?

Does the white wine keep you awake ?

For a celebration (birthday, anniversary,…), a sophisticated dinner or just to relax after a hard day, a glass of a good cool white wine is always welcome. Nevertheless, we suspect it to prevent from sleeping. André Brunel will help you to analyse this question.

First of all, why the white wine more than another alcohol? Here, everything depends on the cuvée which has been chosen: a very sweet or sour wine will have more effect on your body than a dry or a sweet wine whatever the color – red, white or rosé.

The time to fall asleep is shortened

What we first see is that, white wine helps to fall asleep: because it has the same effects as a nervous system depressant, it relaxes, reduces stress, and so helps to sleep in a short time, no waiting!

The time for a more restless night

But only for a short time! Indeed white wine before going to bed ca have some unpleasant effects. We must no forget that alcohol is a stimulant: sugar contained in the white wine can have some impact on your brain functions, like caffeine does. Drinking too much will increase the heart rate, nervousness and in fine will prevent to fall asleep since you will be excited!

Fight against the white wine effects before sleeping

Some techniques an help to limit those effects on the body and the brain. 

  • Prefer a red wine or a dry white wine. First you avoid sugar! If you want to drink a glass of wine before going to bed it’s better to have a less sweet wine.
  • Two glasses of water for a glass of wine. To avoid night dehydration and to eliminate wine more quickly, drink two glasses of water for each glass of white wine. But let’s be honest, there is an immediate consequence: the urge to go to the toilet is increased tenfold.
  • Don’t forget to eat. It’s absolutely necessary to do it and not to go to bed after had alcohol. But be careful, since food will diminish the alcohol action, you may be tempted to drink more.
  • Don’t go to bed immediately! Wait at least for one hour after the last glass, even if you feel very sleepy and if you really want to go to bed: you will have a better night.
  • This it time to finish the chapter of this book lying on your bedside table for ages or check your bank account!
  • Never mix wine with medicine: if you use to take sleeping tablets forget the glass of wine before going to bed: the effects of drugs increase tenfold those of alcohol and vice versa: an explosive cocktail!

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Published : 2023-06-06

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