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2015, an exceptional vintage ?

Harvest - Châteauneuf du Pape

The 2015 weather conditions have been nearly impeccable for now – warm and dry to help the grapes ripen better and keeping them in a most healthy state, rain in sufficient quantities to maintain good hydration of the vines and preventing any drying out.

It must be said that 2015 has really gotten off to a most perfect start.

These weather conditions mean harvesting will be done much earlier than in previous years.  Should these conditions prevail, there are even some plots such as the whites and the Syrah, which could be harvested earlier than in 2003 - the base year in terms of early ripening.
As opposed to that year where the small harvest resulted in high-sugar concentration which meant less acidity and limited the wine’s ageing capacities (many of the 2003 wines already have that red-brick colour characteristic of much older wines), the adequate load in terms of grape for 2015 promises great wines made to keep.

We can just cross our fingers and hope these great weather conditions hold out for another month and that everything is safe and sound in our wine cellars!  

Published : 2015-08-25

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