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Here it is, the harvest for 2019 has just begun !

Here it is, the harvest for 2019 has just begun !

We have already harvested our roussanne and our syrah in Châteauneuf du Pape.

Until now, everything goes perfectly. The quality of the grapes is perfect and the balance between tanins, color and acidity is optimum.

These results come from hard work during all the season to cope with a very warm and dry weather and by choices that were difficult to make but which bear fruits at the end : we limited the presence of grass to limit competition with the vine, we didn’t cut the leaves to protect the berries from the sun and we irrigate the plots that needed it the most.

The harvest will last until the end of September when we harvest the last plot that may be the Centenaire plot in Farguerol !

You will then need a few years to enjoy this precious nectar !

Published : 2019-09-17

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